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Take Your Riding to the Next Level

That's exactly what you'll do if you sign up for a week at SGC! Not only will your riding improve - exponentially - you'll have the time of you life with new friends!

Mountain bike legend, Andrew Shandro, founded Summer Gravity Camp in 2001. We've been working with him since 2005. In that time we've designed & created print ads, posters, banner ads and three websites!

For this latest site, we had the good fortune of working with the incredibly talented Russell Cosgrove at Rokwood Creative. He came up with the design for the Home page and Coaches page. He provided us with a Photoshop file for the desktop versions of these pages and we took it from there. All other internal pages, responsive layouts and animations were designed and built by Spun based on his initial designs.

The challenge

SGC's camps are run in partnership with Whistler Blackcomb. All bookings go through WB's reservation system. SGC's website is run independently of WB's system. So, our biggest challenge was making the two communicate. You see, once a camper has registered, they're able to login to the SGC website and update their personal info and travel details - WB's system is not capable of this level of user management or customization. These are small details that are crucial to Andrew and his team to make sure every camper has the best experience possible.

Of course, the other great challenge was taking Russell's graphically heavy design and creating a fast-loading website that uses more CSS than images.